Website and App Development

Website and App Development

Enhance Your Online Presence with Custom Websites & Apps

Want to stay competitive in the current marketplace? You need an engaging website design with a clean UI/UX that is mobile responsive to attract your most desired target market. All of this takes the hard work and experience of a team of industry experts like ours here at Interstellar Digital. Our team has spent years perfecting websites and app development for companies of all sizes from various industries. We can offer incredible solutions for your business that includes:

  • Custom Integrations & APIs
  • Conversion & Sales-Driven Optimization
  • eCommerce Design & Development
  • Tailor-Made App Development
  • …and More!

Supported Platforms


Adobe CMS




Why Do You Need Custom Website and App Development?

Having an attractive website is no longer enough to rise above the competition. You need a digital presence powerhouse fully equipped with optimizations, conversion tools, analytics, and information that is laid out clearly. Well-designed websites and apps allow visitors to seamlessly discover your CTAs (call to actions). Using a team that understands the nuances of engaging design, the balances of ADA compliance, and cyber security concerns to elevate your overall design is a surefire way to establish a prominent online presence. We are a professional one-stop shop for website design that includes technology integrations from personal blogs to enterprise eCommerce.

Why Choose Interstellar Digital

Fully Optimized Design & Development

We take advantage of search engine and conversion optimization by intuitively integrating the latest techniques and tools into your website development. This way, you have a final product ready to enter the marketplace and a site conducive to a growing business.

We Take Care of the Details

Interstellar Digital’s designers and developers have spent years overcoming common issues with client websites and know how to mitigate these challenges with innovative designs. This includes regional laws like cookie compliance, appropriate hosting, and ADA. Whether you need a privacy policy or a custom framework, we understand the specific needs of your website design.

Dedicated eCommerce Experts

Many of our clients come from the digital sales and products niche, giving us an unparalleled insight into the eCommerce space. When you work with Interstellar for your online business, you are getting a team of dedicated professionals highly experienced in product layout and sales-driven design that often leads to higher revenue potential.

Website Design & App Development Services

Custom Integrations & APIs

Our team will use technology from all platforms like WordPress, Big Commerce, and Shopify in combination with custom code work using Ruby on Rails, PHP, Adobe, Kentico, and more to create a fully integrated solution for your website design.

Conversion & Sales-Driven Optimizations

Stop missing out on valuable leads by taking advantage of our heat maps, SEO, and data-driven insights from integrated analytics. We can create dashboards on the backend of your website design to generate information and reports about your visitors and possible CTA enhancements.

eCommerce Design

Our mobile-ready eCommerce functionality delivers strategies and designs that boost your sales potential. This includes custom CMS and content designed to boost engagement with those consumers most likely to benefit from a clean design with multiple payment platform capabilities.

Engaging & Attractive Designs

We want to bring your brand identity to life with powerful graphic designs and engaging layouts that translate your personality to your customers. This includes color schemes, typography, and essential design principles blended with the latest technology possible.

Our Website Design and Development Process

Review Goals

Your online presence is unique to your brand identity. That is why we take the time to outline the goals of your future design. We learn about your business structure, customer interactions, competitive advantages, and any other attributes that could be interpreted into your design before building a frame working plan.

Set an Initial Plan

Our expert designers will construct an outline of your plan, including tech stacks and framework needs. We will create project milestones and provide opportunities for client feedback throughout the process. This way, you have control over the final product. At this time, we will also discuss pricing and deadline options.

Mockups & Wireframes

Now it is time to bring your ideas to life through design drafts and mockups that will solidify your design goals. This includes creating the unique elements that set your website apart from the competition.

Web Development

Once you have approved all of the final mockups, we turn everything over to our expert developers to code and integrate everything needed to get your site into a live state. We build everything from scratch where possible to further differentiate your site in the vast online world.

Quality Assurance

Before we launch your site, we put it through the wringer. This means we will check for errors and confirm clean pathways for future visitors. At this time, we will also run through a thorough checklist of necessary optimizations, compliance issues, legal notices, and any other specific needs your site may need before it is open for business.

Website Launch

Once everything has been given the green light to move forward, we will coordinate with your team to set a launch date for your new website. This way, you can ramp up your marketing campaigns and set the stage for your customers to begin using a new platform for your brand. Once live, we will conduct a few more tests and monitoring before turning the keys over to your team.