Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Accelerate Business Decisions with Reporting and Analytics

To be competitive in today’s fast-paced market, you need reliable, real-time, and highly accurate information to improve your decision-making capabilities. While some companies offer reporting systems that provide the raw data you need, we go a step further and utilize extrapolating ETL to translate data into easy-to-read reports straight from your dashboards. So instead of wasting time trying to make sense of information, you’ll gain data-driven insights from Interstellar Digital.
  • ETL
  • SaaS
  • Data Mining
  • CRM Dashboards
  • Custom Reporting
  • Power Bi/Tableau Integrations

Supported Platforms

Power BI


Data Studio

What are Data Analytics & Reporting so Critical?

To put it simply, you get the competitive advantage necessary to outperform in your business niche. Data analytics are critical to business success because it provides key performance metrics, powerful ETL interpretation, and custom dashboard insights that enable effective strategic decision-making. This kind of information drives your business forward by creating a plethora of roadmaps that you can journey next. Instead of relying on guesswork or “gut instinct,” you benefit from advanced data that best predicts what will happen next.

Choose Interstellar for Your Data Analytics & Reporting

Experienced Data-Driven Marketing Firm

Interstellar Digital is an industry-leading digital marketing firm that has spent years perfecting our data systems and reporting. As a result, we have helped clients of all sizes and scopes increase revenues, perfect online marketing, and enhance customer relationships due to our ability to provide custom data insights.

Leveraging the Latest Technology

We take advantage of analytic properties like Google, Data Studio, HubSpot, and Salesforce. We also leverage bespoke ETL reporting systems through an easy-to-understand dashboard. All of these tools can be built-in to your new website design or integrated into your systems for ease of use.

Ignite Your Profits

Our data-driven insights are designed to improve your profit margins. We use analytics and dashboards with Power BI and Tableau to gain valuable breakthroughs in sales commissions, customer service, product profitability, and more so you can streamline your business and elevate it to the next level.

Reporting & Analytics Services

ETL & Data Mining

We use powerful tools to uncover patterns and correlations throughout all of your collected data. Our ETL (extract, transform, load) gathers information from multiple sources and consolidates it into a single location to make interpretation easier.


Our team will discover those integrations and software solutions that can enhance your business and digital presence. This includes custom tools and data analytics services from leading providers that you may already be utilizing.

CRM Dashboards

Customer relationship management analytics digs into the unique touchpoints and interactions of your business with your target and supporting market segments. We can even create custom reporting dashboards specific to your industry, niche, or target goals.

Power BI/Tableau Integrations

We integrate two of the most powerful business intelligence and data analytics platforms on the market and incorporate them into your business, dashboard, or online presence. Our team will offer bespoke solutions to enhance your data-driven decision-making.

Our Reporting & Analytics Integration Process

Set Objectives

We work closely with your team to understand your business structure, customer touchpoints, and future goals. The better we can evaluate your desired outcomes, the more refined we can make your analytics and reporting programming. This could include anything from increased sales revenue to improving customer relationships and brand exposure.

Tech Stacks

Once we have a better view of what kinds of information you are collecting and how you intend to use it in your business structure, we can begin to offer technology solutions that will work well with your business's size, scope, and desired goals. This could include a wide range of integrations or smaller bespoke solutions.

Begin Processing

Our designers and developers will go into high gear, unleashing our proposed solutions' power into your website and dashboards. This allows us to begin processing data that is already present while tweaking any specific needs or overcoming challenges in the process to perfect the final design.

KPIs & Strategy

We work key performance indicators into your dashboard design relative to your business goals. This way, you and your team can actively monitor real-time analytics from bounce rates, unique users, user sessions, on-site queries, and more so you can make better decisions about the future direction of your business.


Now that you have a system in place, we can make suggestions about how to leverage every aspect to get the most insightful information possible. This includes A/B Testing and experimentation based on presented data from your custom analytics and reporting solutions.

Dedicated Support

At Interstellar, we believe in exceptional customer service. That is why we offer 24/7 dedicated support to answer your questions or alleviate any concerns about your analytics and reporting. We want to ensure your solution continues to generate the custom data needed to enhance, elevate, and drive future success for your business.