An Infallible Boost to Your Advertising Efforts

Our goal is simple – generate more traffic for your site and convert those leads into sales. Stop setting your ads up for failure by putting them on autopilot. At Interstellar Digital, our experts will ensure your ads are highly targeted and optimized for a maximum return on investment (ROI). We operate under the philosophy that pay-per-click advertising is an investment and not just a routine cost. Leverage our expertise today to help with:

  • Effective Lead Generation
  • Cost-Effective and Flexible Options
  • Filling Your Sales Funnel
  • Increased Conversions Leading to More Revenue

Supported Platforms





How Our PPC Services Change the Game

We enable customers to connect with your business effortlessly through any platform or digital touchpoint. From Google Ads and Bing to social media and remarketing, we spend less time speculating and more time converting your leads using our robust and customizable PPC management solutions. No matter the size of your budget, we have an unparalleled digital marketing team ready to advance your next campaign.

Why use Interstellar for Your PPC Needs?

Manageable Cost Per Leads

Our system measures ROI at every stage of the funnel so you can see the initiatives that are working and not working within your campaign. This means less money is wasted and that your funds are going towards only the best strategies.

Strong Keyword & Targeting Strategy

Gain access to our latest industry expertise and strategies that maximize click-through and conversion rates. We help you find your audience at exactly the right time and place when they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Crystal Clear Conversion Insights

Valuable insights into the metrics that assess campaign health and performance against key performance indicator (KPI) goals. We know what is working, what is not working, and how to pivot to maximize your return on investment.

Executive Level Reporting

Clean, concise, and actionable reporting offering you valuable insights and next steps on how to align your programs with your overall marketing strategies.

Unmatched Peace of Mind

We want to be your partners in success! Let our PPC experts handle your campaigns so you can focus on building relationships with potential customers instead of sorting through keyword lists and juggling social media channels.

PPC Services Offered

Cross-Platform Advertising

We provide superior advertising options for targeted ads on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and everywhere in between. Cross-platform advertising is the best way to engage a diverse audience and deliver a strong ROI. Our precision targeting tools boost conversion rates, brand awareness, app installs, customer acquisition, and more!

PPC Consulting

Whether you need an additional hand to execute, an authoritative voice on PPC strategy or an in-depth audit focused on how your current vendor is doing, Interstellar Digital can be your hero in your hour of need. Pay per click can be expensive when performed incorrectly, and we work with numerous companies to provide expert input on how to adjust, develop, execute, and wisely spend your marketing dollars.

Comprehensive Auditing

We will thoroughly review your account settings, campaign structure, ad group structure, keywords, ad text, destination pages, and tracking. Our team knows what it takes to run a campaign effectively and efficiently by looking at how much you're earning compared to how much you're spending on advertising. Audit reports include detailed analysis from ROAS (return on ad spend), conversion rates, copy, and keyword effectiveness, as well as other specific recommendations.

Our PPC Process

Define Goals & Budget

We will get to know your paid advertising goals and how you will measure success by asking targeted questions and taking the time to listen. Once we understand where your cost/lead and cost/conversion targets are set, we can better define your PPC budget to maximize your ROI.

Review Historic & Competitive Data

Our team will take a close look at your previous PPC campaigns to uncover valuable insights such as keywords, search trends, and ad responses. We also evaluate what your competitors are spending PPC money on, and we will pinpoint any popular terms and phrases they are using.

Platform & Keywords

We use certified AdWords professionals to uncover successful key phrases and words most aligned with your PPC goals and budget. This allows us to better target the demographics most likely to engage with your brand on various online platforms.

Daily Management & Tracking

Our experts study the transition from initial searches, ad views, and clicks. We want to ensure your account is heading in the right direction by actively monitoring how the ad is moving through your target market. Using this information, we will make essential adjustments as needed.

Insightful Reporting

This is your marketing money, and so we are dedicated to being transparent about our process and reporting to ensure you feel confident about our marketing strategies. This includes sending you regular reports that display the KPI and budget metrics you requested within the platforms we are actively targeting.

Dedicated and Ongoing Support

At Interstellar Digital, we believe in exceptional customer service. That is why we offer a 24/7 dedicated support team to answer your questions and give you peace of mind about your PPC campaigns.