Paid eCommerce

Paid eCommerce

Transform Your Business into an eCommerce Giant

At Interstellar Digital, we help you generate higher ROI by offering a diverse portfolio of campaign options tailored to meet a wide range of budgets and objectives. Our marketing experts will help you break through the noise of competition so you can reach more customers with your brand’s value proposition, grow potential sales, and hit revenue goals. We are an industry-leading provider of bespoke solutions for your eCommerce needs, including:
  • Performance-Based Methodology
  • Discovering Business Channels
  • Create Long-Term Growth Stability
  • Custom Reporting so You Know What Works

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How We Transform Paid eCommerce

Our experienced professionals harness cutting-edge technologies, powerful data analytics, and leading industry trends to help eCommerce businesses discover where their best customers live online. We make it easy to maximize the success of your online store by targeting those customers with relevant and engaging value propositions designed and managed by our experienced eCommerce team.

Why use Interstellar Digital for Paid eCommerce?

High-Value Traffic

We help you generate traffic that results in increased revenue and profit potential while also growing brand awareness and advocacy across the online world.

Work with Industry-Leading Experts

Our team has spent years developing eCommerce solutions for clients all over the world. This includes notable brands with complex campaigns that require extreme attention to detail.

Performance-Based Approach

We employ a strict performance-based methodology to drive consumer traffic to your website and convert those visitors into high-value leads.

Rise Above Ad Competition

Together, we will shift your traditional media advertising from impression-based tactics to measurable and lucrative outcomes based on modern strategies.

eCommerce PPC Services Offered

Omni-Channel Advertising

Create eCommerce ads on cutting-edge platforms with universal data-driven optimizations. Interstellar Digital aligns your digital strategy with our customer valuation bidding strategies. We pinpoint your audience and drive online sales.

eCommerce Consulting

With a proven track record of growing businesses, we can help turn your eCommerce marketing efforts into high ROI goldmines. Our subject-matter experts supercharge your team and organization to relentlessly pursue sales growth through paid marketing channels.

Full-Scale Auditing

We review all aspects of your eCommerce Marketing Plan. Interstellar enables you to know how much you're earning compared to how much you're spending. Insights like detailed analysis on ROAS (return on ad spend), conversion rates, copy and keyword effectiveness, as well platform effectiveness and next steps.

Our eCommerce PPC Process

Discover & Define

Our team will conduct a detailed intake interview to uncover your business offerings, goals, details, and target audience. We can then discuss which platforms would best deliver your message based on your market and budget. This is where we will develop KPIs and campaign management tools for your review.

PPC Audit

We will review the structure and performance of your current marketing accounts to learn how your exciting performance metrics are faring. This will allow us a measurement to compare the newly defined KPIs against and determine what is working and what requires more adaptation.

Keyword Research

As we move through your exciting ad accounts, we will conduct competitive PPC analysis and perform an in-depth industry and competitor keyword analytics. This will inform our larger campaign goals.

Ad Optimization

We have a team of management professionals ready to actively monitor your accounts so that you get the highest ROI for your ad spend and to prevent any lags in performance. We want to ensure your campaigns are fresh and relevant to your audience at all times.

Custom Reporting

We can generate time-sensitive reports that keep you informed of your paid eCommerce success. These are tailored reports designed to outline your KPIs through a custom dashboard that tracks the success of any campaigns with data-driven insights to inform your decision-making.

Dedicated Support

At Interstellar, we believe in exceptional customer service. That is why we offer 24/7 dedicated support to answer your questions or alleviate any concerns about your paid eCommerce solutions. The more transparent and informed you are about your ad spend, the more trust you will place in our experts.