Local Listing Management

Local Listing Management

Local Listing Management & Marketing

Our reliable marketing and local listing management services entice target leads from the moment they reach your content online. As such, our clients enjoy the benefits such as an elevated digital reputation and increased website traffic as we are able to place your content and value propositions directly in front of the eyes of your target audience. Our team of digital marketing experts are well-versed in anticipating the perfect placement of ads and other content to entice your target consumers to purchase your products or services. In addition, we are consistent in making sure your online business information is correct and up to date wherever customers are searching for you!

  • Effective Listings
  • Accurate Information
  • Updated Contact Information g
  • Ongoing Monitoring
  • Unified Branding Across Platforms

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What is Local Listing Management?

Typically, customers are looking for products and services right in their community. Therefore, if you want to appeal to those already interested leads, you need updated and accurate business listings in the relevant directories and locations across the online world. For example, consider the recent steakhouse you found through Yelp or a hotel you stayed in thanks to Trip Advisor. These are perfect examples of the directories that present your business information to clients that are highly motivated to purchase your products or services. Accurate listing management ensures your accurate business information shows up consistently across all directories.

Why Interstellar Digital Listing Management is Better

Claiming, Maintaining, and Updating

Interstellar Digital will audit your online presence with the directories and listing services most relevant to your industry. We do a deep dive into search results to uncover any missed opportunities and then unify all the customer-facing listings with the accurate business profile and contact information to ensure your clients can reach you when they need you!

Customer Review Monitoring

We go through and check all the sources for your reviews and ensure they accurately reflect your business while also providing information and links back to your contact points. This way, you benefit from having the distributed data across all sites that point back to your landing page or sales funnel.

Establishing Brand Authority

The more accurate your information is with essential web services and directories, the better your website will rank! Establishing your business as an authority online and building an online presence is pivotal to the success of your business. You need to have Google Maps pointing to your physical location just as much as it is pointing to the local post office. Every directory should guide customers to where they can physically engage with your business services.

Local Listing Management Services

Local SEO

We utilize local SEO keywords and phrases from your site to conduct our search engine audit. This process uncovers those underutilized directories or listing resources that could bring in more high-quality leads for your business!

Audit & Clean Reviews

Bad reviews can have a devastating effect on your business' reputation and sales revenues. That is why we will perform a thorough audit to highlight any reviews from unreliable sources or individuals seeking to damage your online reputation. We leverage our experience to remove these reviews from your profiles

SEO Optimized Listings

We introduce those highly relevant keywords and phrases into your business listings to increase your online ranking and ensure a steady flow of traffic. Our goal is to match the number of searchers seeking your specific local services with your correct business information.

Wider Market Reach

Interstellar Digital is your destination for spreading your accurate business listings across industry-specific directories. We seek out all reputable listing services and sources that will improve your search rank results and your level of authority within your niche.

Initial Discovery

We will begin our process by learning all about you and your business goals through an initial consultation. This includes identifying any keyword strategies already in place as well as double-checking all your current business contact information. Understanding everything about your business will empower us to develop an engaging listing for your online presence.

Thorough Auditing

Once we have the foundational data needed to populate these directories, we will carefully begin reviewing the listings that will improve your ranking. This often includes engaging in competitive analysis to see what directories are being utilized the most by your industry. We will also identify and highlight any other keywords we believe would improve your strategy.

Foundation Building

We will review your Google My Business listing to ensure everything is accurate and up to date, and then we will use that as the foundational template for every other listing from Yelp to industry-specific directories. This unifying strategy ensures your customers can find your information no matter where they look.

Top-Down Implementation

We will enhance your lead generation and review credibility by moving from directory to directory, and improving your listing every step of the way. This step is also where we will make a note of any unsavory reviews that may be holding your business back to target for removal.

Reputation Management

With a clean reputation and accurate business information across all the essential directories, we transition from audit and repair mode to a reputation management role. This includes timely reports that assess how your new local listing strategy is performing, which will inform us if any changes need to be made.

Routine Adjustments

As we move into the future, we will refine our strategy based on the feedback and data-driven insights captured during our review phase. We always want to stay on top of any new keyword opportunities or changes to search engine algorithms!