Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Improve You Website Cyber Security Posture

Every year, the statistics on malware attacks, ransomware threats, and internal audits resulting in hidden viruses skyrocket. The more digital our business world becomes, the higher exposure your company, organization, or personal site receives to potential cyber security threats. As the world of technology continues to evolve, you need a reliable, trusted, and experienced team to protect your website. That is where Interstellar Digital can help. We provide:

  • Solid Website Firewalls
  • Unwavering Internal & External Protection
  • Malware, Virus, Ransomware & DDoS Prevention
  • Advanced Consultations for all Hosting & Website CMS Services

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What is Cyber Security Consulting?

Our professional team of cyber security experts analyzes and evaluates the overall protection of your website and systems by playing the role of defender and attacker. We get into the headspace of those with malicious intentions and plug any holes that would otherwise give unwanted access to personal information, banking credentials, client databases, and more. Every weakness we discover presents a new opportunity to strengthen systems using active prevention technology and methods to ensure a more vital digital business environment.

Why Choose Interstellar Digital

Mitigate Potential Risks

Interstellar Digital pays close attention to current trends, historical attacks, and future potential risks by conducting a thorough audit of your website and digital systems. We can then offer data-driven, industry-proven protections like advanced firewalls that discourage malware and DDoS attacks. With Interstellar Digital, you get an expert team of experienced cyber security professionals.

Improve Customer Relationships

Our website cyber security services are the perfect way to ease buying fears from your customers. They know they can make any purchase or submit information to your site because you are backed by an industry-leading team ready to defend their data whenever necessary. This kind of peace of mind is what your customers need to make confident purchases and, in turn, grow your profits.

Cost-Effective Technology Support

Instead of spending a significant sum of money on maintaining a full internal IT department, you get a team of trained professionals who specialize in handling cyber security threats to your business, organization, or personal website. Through Interstellar Digital, you receive access to valuable resources when you need them the most.

Cyber Security Consultant Services

Cyber Security Audits

We do a deep dive into your website and digital systems, carefully assessing any infrastructure vulnerabilities by examining core files, extensions, themes, and more. This will include testing all your site features and presenting a comprehensive report on what needs to be addressed.

Robust Firewall Protection

Interstellar Digital is well known for utilizing state-of-the-art firewall protections that lessen the risk of DDoS attacks, malware, viruses, and other malicious content that could harm the integrity of your site and its applications.

Internal & External Protection

We take advantage of programs like Wordfence to ensure all forms of attacks are logged and mitigated. This protects your website from potential threats from visitors and anyone inside your organization that may make an error in judgment

Thorough Platform Management

Our professional team is experienced in using all significant hosting, website services, and CMS platforms, including WordPress, Squarespace, Adobe, Kentico, and more. So no matter the tech stack you are using for your website, we have a solution!

Our Cyber Security Consultants Process

Initial Meeting

Everything starts with a better understanding of your website, your business goals, and what your concerns may be about your digital presence. We identify the most common cyber security vulnerabilities you may face and go over our plan to repair, fix, and improve your website to protect your private data now and in the future.

Cyber Security Audit

During a comprehensive audit of your website’s performance, we will point out any issues that need to be fixed or areas where you can boost your site’s performance. Our robust malware scanners will detect any potential cyber security vulnerabilities, and we will assess how best to implement our cloud-based firewall systems to stop hacks and attacks.

Monitoring Software

We partner with many advanced tools and systems to ensure active monitoring of your website’s health and protection. This could include services like Wordfence for WordPress, which actively logs anyone accessing your site. These programs also monitor attempts to falsify credentials to view critical data and protected information.


We are more than happy to offer information and resources about how best to manage your team so the “human error” factor of cyber security is significantly minimized. This could include information about opening email attachments to keeping an eye out for phishing scams targeting you or your business.

Removal & Ongoing Plans

Our professional experts will remove any vulnerabilities picked up or detected during our assessment and audit. This will stop any malicious bots in their tracks and defend your website against active hacking attempts, including DDoS attacks through our cloud-based firewall. We will also review and implement ongoing plans for your future protection.

Dedicated Support

Here at Interstellar Digital, we believe in exceptional customer service. That is why we offer a 24/7 dedicated support team to answer your questions or alleviate any concerns about your website’s cyber security protection. Our researchers and security analysts are ready to address any needs you may have so you can experience the least amount of downtime possible.