CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and Marketing Automation

Powerful Customer Relationships using Automation

CRM, or customer relationship management software, improves the daily operation of your business. It creates a single location for monitoring sales, marketing, and customer service to avoid missing out on any potential innovations or advantages that may increase your market share. You can track your team’s efforts, report commissions, identify potential weaknesses and create custom pathways for current, previous, and new lead generation. We provide CRM solutions for:
  • Discovery
  • Onboarding/Training
  • Import/Export Data
  • Reporting
  • Integrations

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Why Choose Interstellar for CRM Services

At Interstellar, we believe that you should have the best CRM possible customized to your specific use case. Not only will this make your sales process significantly more effective, but we offer solutions at competitive pricing to save you operational costs through bespoke automation. We help clients of all sizes, from startups to solutions requiring 1,000+ licenses for enterprise use. We believe data-driven insights are the best way to improve your competitive advantage and design CRM solutions and integrations that bring new benefits to your business.

The Benefits of Interstellar CRM Solutions

Complete Automation

Custom CRM services take those tedious back-office mundane tasks out of the hands of your team and into an advance automated system. This frees up valuable time and company resources so your team can refocus their efforts on more critical business efforts like customer relationships and new product development.

Centralize Data

A custom CRM brings vital business data into a single location. Instead of logging in to multiple platforms and then trying to remember everything for interpretation, CRM brings sales numbers, tracking information, valuable insights, and more into a single dashboard where you can easily discover new advantages to leverage.

Leader Generation & Profits

The best way to improve your conversions is to first understand what roadblocks are preventing your leads from becoming loyal brand ambassadors. A quality CRM service will help outline what you can change and how every lead is interacting with your business so you can make changes where necessary.

CRM & Automation Services

Discovery & Onboard/Training

We will work closely with you and your team to find those CRM solutions best fit to your business operations and goals. This includes training your current team, so you do not have to hire an international IT department. We want to empower those already familiar with your business.

Import/Export Data & Reporting

CRM services provide a wealth of new information that requires interpretation for those outside the analytics world. That means customized reporting that can be easily exported for other stakeholders in your business to digest.


We will develop bridges between any technology or stacks you are currently using and the new CRM services being introduced into your company. Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible so it can be leveraged for years to come.

Ease of Use

The best CRM solution is one that utilizes a simplified dashboard and data system. This way, more people from your team can discover insights, advantages, and newly discovered processes that can be improved.

Our CRM and Marketing Automation Process

Team Preparation

We want to ensure your current team can fully onboard the new technology because they already have the most insight into your business. Therefore, we develop a strategy based on your needs and prepare your team to accept the updated system for smooth integration.

Choose a CRM Together

We present you with multiple options of CRM integrations based on your business's size, scope, and goals. We then offer analytics that we think will be most effective given their price points and current capabilities. This open communication allows you to make a decision best aligned with your business operations.

Customize You CRM

After a final decision has been made, we can begin to introduce customizations into your CRM given your niche and business parameters. This way, you can start leveraging this new technology to improve sales, lead generation, team management, and customer relationships as quickly as possible.

Training & Adaptations

We will continue offering custom training to your team to ensure everything is operating at its best capacity, including the automation of your backend office and data systems. This allows us to monitor the CRM in real-time and overcome any unexpected issues with active adaptations.

Integrate the Technology

Most powerful CRM solutions can easily integrate into other technology and platforms. This includes mobile devices, websites, and business equipment. We will help streamline these integrations, so you have a more comprehensive view and control of your business operations.

Dedicated Support

At Interstellar, we believe in exceptional customer service. That is why we offer 24/7 dedicated support to answer your questions or alleviate any concerns about your CRM services and automation solutions. We work hard to ensure everything is as smooth as possible, but always keep a team of experts on hand in case unwanted situations evolve.