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Wolf Development: Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing for Standing Out in the Crowded Roofing Market

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Wolf Development faced a significant challenge in distinguishing itself in the highly competitive Chicagoland roofing industry, especially given the saturation of paid digital advertising by numerous competitors. The key issue was not just to be present in the digital space, but to stand out uniquely and effectively amidst a sea of similar advertising efforts.


The solution involved leveraging a proprietary software called Gnosis, which combines AI and machine learning to strategize and create an omni-channel experience. This technology was pivotal in learning audience signals and applying these insights to marketing efforts. Additionally, comprehensive data analysis was utilized to understand when and how competitors were spending on advertising.

Through competitor research, a gap analysis was conducted, identifying areas that competitors were overlooking.

  • Gnosis Software Utilization: Implementing Gnosis allowed Interstellar Digital to interpret complex audience behaviors and preferences, tailoring Wolf Development’s marketing strategies to ensure maximum engagement and relevance.
  • In-Depth Competitor Research and Gap Analysis: By meticulously analyzing how and when competitors invested in advertising, significant gaps in the market were identified. This insight enabled Wolf Development to strategically position their advertising where it would have the most impact.
  • Capitalizing on Market Opportunities: Armed with this unique market intelligence, Wolf Development was able to occupy niches that were previously unaddressed by competitors, ensuring that their advertising reached untapped audience segments.
  • Leveraging Wolf Development’s Strengths: Interstellar Digital highlighted Wolf Development’s exceptional service promise and deep industry knowledge, enhancing the appeal and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.
  • Exclusive Access to Beta Google Products: Being able to beta test new Google products not yet available to the public or smaller agencies gave Wolf Development a cutting-edge advantage. This access allowed them to stay ahead of competitors and achieve a lower cost per acquisition.