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Local and National Search Engine Optimization for Leading Waste Management Services Provider

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Local and National - Waste Management Provider


Focus Keywords in the Top 10 Positions Increased by 34% in Q4


Average Keyword Ranking Increased by 19 Positions in Q4


Percentage of Keywords Ranking in the Top 10 Increased by 40% in Q4


Despite having an established presence in the recycling industry, this waste management leader struggled with visibility in online search results. Their valuable services were not reaching potential customers who used search engines to find recycling services.

This issue was particularly prominent at both the regional and state levels. Interstellar Digital was tasked with increasing search engine ranking in Q4.


Interstellar Digital conducted a comprehensive audit of the existing SEO strategy, identifying opportunities to enhance both their local and national search engine visibility. Our team implemented a customized, location-specific SEO strategy to target potential customers more effectively and increase online visibility in strategic locations.

Our SEO plan took 3 months and Interstellar Digital were then to report on success at the end of Q4.

  • Executed a comprehensive SEO audit, optimizing high-volume keyword usage and rectifying technical issues, including duplicate meta tags and slow image load speeds.
  • Conducted extensive keyword research for local and national search terms to drive more relevant traffic to specific website pages.
  • Implemented monthly keyword mapping, regularly integrating new, relevant keywords to maintain a dynamic SEO strategy.
  • Monitored and reported significant increases in keyword rankings and website traffic, indicating a successful enhancement of our digital footprint.