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HS Wholesale: Drove an Increase in Online Sales by $79M!



Focus Keywords in the Top 10 Positions Increased by 34% in Q4


Average Keyword Ranking Increased by 19 Positions in Q4


Percentage of Keywords Ranking in the Top 10 Increased by 40% in Q4


The client is an online vaping products wholesale supplier. Their industry has difficulty in reaching potential customers because the vaping industry is often blocked from reaching their target market due to the nature of their business.

Because traditional online marketing is ineffective for this client (and the entire vaping industry) their online presence is reduced as well as their online potential for sales.


Firstly, we identified high-converting marketing channels by conducting thorough sales analytics, enabling us to redirect advertising resources from underperforming platforms to segments that were generating more sales. Additionally, we revamped the email marketing campaigns by personalizing the content based on previously purchased items, resulting in improved open rates and recipient engagement.

Furthermore, we restructured the website to enhance its search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for potential customers to find and navigate, especially among its extensive product catalog.

Lastly, our efforts in restructuring the website’s content revealed previously untapped audiences and led to increased website traffic and conversions, while simplifying the online ordering process streamlined the customer journey, requiring fewer clicks and providing greater exposure.

  • Easy to Find Website: In-depth SEO efforts saw Interstellar Digital optimize over 20,000 item pages to drive discoverability.
  • Discovery of New Markets: Used CRM data and internally developed funnels to identify, segment, and target new audience types, with a strong focus on attracting and rewarding repeat business.
  • Turn Vsitiors into Customers: We created simplier, easier, more direct, and user-friendly online ordering process requiring fewer clicks, less friction, and more upsells and cross-sells.
  • Effective Email Campaigns: Very few emails were actually reaching recipients and those who did recieve emails were not opening them. Interstellar Digital personalized emails by identifying previously purchased items, increasing exposure and open rates.
  • Identify High-Converting Marketing Channels: By running sales analytics, we identified higher converting marketing venues based on factors like days and times ads were run and organic traffic was recieved. Intertellar Digital then redirected resources from underperforming advertising campaigns to segments that were producing more sales.