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Stone Gallery: Hyper Local SEO and Reputation Mastery

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Chicago Stone Gallery faced a unique challenge in expanding their reach and bolstering their reputation across multiple locations, including Chicago, Dallas, and Indianapolis. The primary obstacle was standing out in a competitive market, where traditional digital advertising methods were not yielding the desired impact.

The company needed a tailored approach to target specific local audiences effectively and enhance their online presence and reputation.


Interstellar Digital devised a comprehensive solution focusing on organic strategies, hyper-local SEO, and review generation. Utilizing their proprietary software Gnosis, alongside thorough market research and analysis, they developed specialized techniques that went beyond standard SEO practices.

This included implementing special coding on the website to synergize with Google’s Geo-targeting system, enabling precise targeting of potential customers within a 40-minute drive radius. This approach not only improved customer satisfaction by allowing Chicago Stone Gallery to schedule appointments more efficiently but also significantly enhanced their online visibility.

Thanks to the innovative approach to hyper-local SEO and reputation management, Chicago Stone Gallery experienced a substantial increase in local visibility and reputation. This strategy outperformed traditional digital advertising methods, leading to enhanced online presence, increased customer satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency.

  • Hyper-Local SEO Implementation: Specialized techniques were applied to optimize Chicago Stone Gallery’s online presence for local searches within specific areas, ensuring they appeared prominently in searches from potential customers nearby.
  • Review Generation and Reputation Management: A strong focus was placed on accumulating positive customer reviews, enhancing the company’s online reputation. This was crucial in building trust and credibility among local audiences.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: By focusing on audiences within a specific geographic radius, the strategy ensured that the business attracted customers in close proximity, optimizing scheduling and operational efficiency.
  • First-Page Ranking Achievement: Interstellar Digital’s efforts resulted in a significant boost in search engine rankings, with 89% of targeted keywords reaching the first two spots on Google’s first page.
  • Ongoing Earned Media Strategy: The strategy emphasized creating a long- term impact with an earned media approach, ensuring that the benefits of the campaign would continue to pay off month after month.