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The Effectiveness of Using Video in Marketing

October 4, 2023

Content has always been the dominant driver when it comes to marketing. Yet how we consume our content has drastically shifted in recent years. We’ve gone from billboards to television advertisements, reverted back to the written word to work with search engines, and have transitioned back to graphical and video content again.

All of this has exponentially grown and expanded to a point that creating video content has become a necessity in one’s overall marketing strategy.

Video Marketing is Easy to Deliver

First of all, the way we are able to easily deliver our video marketing is one of the many reasons why it’s such an effective medium. We are able to convey our messages on multiple social media platforms that handle all the video storage management, and we simply need to submit it through the click of the button. In most cases, we only need to create the video once, and the distribution is handled by these various platforms. This makes it a lot easier as the alternative would be to develop your own website or distribution platform and then spend substantial effort to market it. There would be additional costs and maintenance to consistently generate traffic as well as develop the tools to properly show these video marketing options.

With these digital marketplaces to deliver video marketing content fast, it doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how and helps get you connected with your target audience in a much friendlier platform.

How is it Effective?

Video marketing helps convey the message you are trying to deliver in both a visual and auditory format, to help maximise the effectiveness of how that message is received. You’ve heard of being a visual or auditory learner? This helps reach the largest group of people out there to hear your message.

  • It also is easy for your video marketing strategy to scale, as once a distribution media is sent it has the potential to reach a global audience incredibly fast. This helps you expand your current target market to new markets that you never considered were a part of your core audience.

  • It helps put your message on a global stage, that will eventually build those connections once thought to be impossible. Another benefit is the data and metrics that come along with your content. This type of information helps shape what the next steps would look like. Information such as demographics, region, content views, commentary, and reactions will help guide you and help refine future video marketing efforts.

Also what we convey in this message doesn’t have to belong. We can include effective communication methods combined with visual aids and demonstrations. We can also perform and entertain our target audience and be able to capture their interest in under a minute.

What Considerations Should Go into Video mMrketing?

This is where some of the heavy lifting comes in. Yes, it’s easy to distribute and deliver the message, but the creation itself is what may be the hardest part. The time your audience gives you a chance to capture their attention is down to several seconds, as there is so much available content out there. That means it is about a clear and consistent message combined with a consistent creation of video content for your audience.

Due to the readily available methods of literally anyone able to create their own online channel, this itself becomes the biggest challenge to overcome to ensure that the video content being produced is relevant and effective. Otherwise, without it, your content will be simply lost to what is called digital noise, where it simply exists without gaining any real traction.

There are some tried and true methods that can go a long way to helping capture the attention of your potential target market such as following trending topics while maintaining a consistent message. This consistency is key, and understanding how these platforms work and how their algorithms work can go a long way in ensuring that whatever content is posted, has the best chance of being an effective form of video marketing and communication.

Overall though, video marketing is an extremely effective medium to use either as the only type of content or in combination with blogging and graphical content. It’s not always necessary to have the other two combined with video marketing, as most target audiences are shifting towards consuming video content the fastest. Finding the right balance, and the right way to convey your message can be tricky, and sometimes it may be a good idea to work with professionals to help maximise those efforts.

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